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I do enjoy a good cock sucking phone sex call with a gurly girl. As I put panties on my slut jessi, and send her out to suck dick for me.  She works hard to please me, and I own and control her as you can see below from one dialogue where she tries to get dick to suck.  I own and control jessi the fucking panty wearing cock whore, he spent the day yesterday serving me, looking to suck, let me post some quotes.. Meanwhile I need my slut jessi to get up an ad and start looking for some cock to please me!!! Get those panties on you cock sucking whore.

Original post..
Hello Sir,
 I am all clean & ready for you, and so hungry for some cock.
I would love to come by and take care of you.
See my pic attached. You will not be disappointed!
can host in b**sda

6 1/2 to 7 cut
 heavy shooter
 Pic attached
Yes SIR!
 Just send me an email with a reminder. Here are some pics-4u, for now…
 Would love to be your slutt for the evening. At this writing Monday durng the day until 1:00 or Tuesday am, or evening is best. But I can always make myself available if you need.
 I would love to give you some pleasure!

I live in S** Sp88ng between 4 corners, and have some free time in the next hour, til 7:00, or after 10:00 tonite. So if my picture pleases you and you would like me to come by and take you into  my mouth and make you you cummm real good, I will be your slutt.

 I am a very submissive bottom, and love orally servicing CDs & she-males.
 Stats: 45 yrs, blonde, blue eyes, 6’2″ 190 lbs STD free & HIV neg, and will remain that way.
I will be available after 9:30 tonite and tomorrow, morning – 1:00 pm.
 See my pic attached and if these times do not work out I will be more available later in the week.
****I can come by in 10 minutes, for a quickie, or after 10:00, your wish is my command, as long as it is oral only at first. I love to please men! Just let me undress you and then I am then my mouth is all yours to do with whatever you like!


Hi there big boy,
 Since I am going to be leaving soon.
Let me come by after 10:00, so I can treat you right!
If you send me your address I can GPS it while I am on the road.
I promise to take real good care of you, SIR!’
Yr wllling slutt… jessi

Hi M’am,
 Lovely liberal bottom boy, love to service shemales and treat them right!’
Very young; 47 yrs, 6’2″ 190 lbs, blond, blue eyes, 7″ uncut, and very oral & generous.
 See my pics attached….

Hi Charlie,

Here’s another pic for you. Let me know when you are ready to have me come over and please you until you cummm in my mouth.
 All I ask is you let me get you nice & hard, pull your pants down, and take you into my mouth, until you cum inside me!
 Call me!
On the road. Don’t see any text on my not so smart phone. Available after 9:30 tonite, or tomorrow day – early eve. Do you have a pic? If u make me yrslutt, you will NOT be disappointed!Jessi
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Once again, cuckold phone sex rocks! Had the hottest cuckold phone sex call the other night. Guy told me that he wanted me to tie him up. Then use my toys, against his lips, like his wife does. Then once he is all tied up, I have one of my big black boyfriends, come in, and rub his big black cock, against his lips, instead of the dildoHe really wanted to see me gang banged by a group of black guys, and boy he got his wish and then some, because I love having sex with a black man. They are far superior to white dick. A black man, KNOWS what to do. I had my black friend come over and bring a group of his friends, so that my husband’s trophy wife could have all the cock she deserved and wanted.Not before I had my cucky hubby, suck and get these huge pieces of meat ready for my pussy.Have you ever wanted to be fucked really good? Well that is the feeling – getting really fucked.I not only fucked and sucked about 6 guys, I put a bunch of those dicks in my blindfolded hubby’s mouth and he did not even realize what was going on.By the time I took the blindfold off, I had a cock in every hole.

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Had a wild couple of days.. JJ is craving some of my control. Boys, beware, I use and abuse you, in so many different ways. I love to cuckold and humiliate losers. I like to do cuckold phone sex calls, because I cuckold joey, and other men as well. I like to cuckold loser’s, and while I put a big dick in their mouth. I will sit back, and get pleasured by my man of the moment.He is a guy that loves intelligent phone sex, with a sexy kitten like myself. I love to be pleasured, I love to see joey have a big dick in his mouth. Sometimes I start to laugh. I am being pounded by a big fat cock, and joey is choking on a big dick, and rubbing his little weenie, so hard and fast. I get distracted.When this happens, I put joey in the hall, he puts his ear against the door, and listens..

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Jessi is my number one gurl, this is her fantasy… on if you want some hot sissy phone sex to jerk off to!

Sissy jessi wrote:  I long to be used as a party favor. That is, I start of by you getting me all dressed up for a little business party you are having. I am wearing something slinky, and you spend some extra care in making me up. When you are done with my makeup you choose a nice scent for me to wear.

Your guests start arriving and I answer the door in my slinky black outfit and stockings and smelling like some exotic intoxicating flower of the night. I take their coats and let them know with my eyes that I am there for more than that. Then I start serving them drinks and hor d’oeuvres, after a while it becomes obvious to them that I am there as your little whore d’oeuvres as well. They start grabbing my ass and I respond by grabbing a crotch here and there.

Then at one point you get my attention with one of your commanding looks and the guide me with just your eyes to pay attention one person, who can be helpful with your website and business in general. I go over to him and once again you silently let me know I should sit on his lap, and get him worked up. Since by this time, our communication is almost telepathic, and I know what to do and also know that I have no choice but to serve you.
I like being on his lap and so does he, he smells my neck and starts kissing it. Then he turns me so my back is facing him and I can give him a proper lap dance. Then he eases me off of his lap and I get on my knees and open up his pants and take his delicious cock into my mouth and suck him off all the way to completion. You are enjoying this and after I make him come, I give you a solid subservient look of pleasure and longing. You let me know, again with your subtle cues who I should do next. So that is what I do.

Later on I am leading men into the bedroom and let them do with me whatever they want, ’cause this is all to help you in the sex-trade and it is your way to show them what power you have over your clients. By the end I am filled with cum.

When the party is over, and the last guest has left and I have finished cleaning up. You call me over to you and spread your legs for my reward. Then you let me eat your delicious pussy, and hold me by the hair deep into your vagina and drink your juice. All so deep and thorough until you cannot stand it anymore. This is how I long to serve you, as you can see I also love being your number ONE gurl!
yr little slutt jessi

My durty number one gurl Jessi wrote this for ME!!  I own and control her!  Open your mouth Jessi!

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Definition: VampA woman who uses her charm or wiles to seduce and exploit men.

 I am a seductive vamp, and I will use everything I have to get what I want. Do not be fooled. I like to caress you, fondle you, mold you. I want you all to myself.I want to get cozy with you. I love phone sex, I want to weave a story for you, take you under my wing, guide you into a web of sexual frenzy. I like intelligent men, that want more out of phone sex.I got into phone sex, simply because I love masturbation. It is my hobby. I love devoting time to my pussy, and my dirty mind. I think it is even better that I want to share it with you. Don’t you agree?I can tell your cock is getting hard right now. Thinking of calling me up, and that in a matter of time, we both will be in some form of nudity, touching ourselves, revealing such private things. It is erotic, it is very arousing to me knowing your hand will be on your cock, and that I will be making it hard, and eventually bring you to orgasm, just by my voice.

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Intelligent phone chat with Vanessa

I love cuckold phone sex. Edith called me, and she is a cock sucker.. her girlfriend put a glory hole in the basement with 3 holes in the wall, with a stool that he rides back and forth between the three holes. Guys are happy blowing their load into Edith. Edith is a cum slut.

Edith’s Wife likes really big cock, just like I do. She craves a real man’s dick, not a little toothpick like Edith has. His is a needle dick. Edith is a little dick loser can’t satisfy wife. His wife has a BF who is her, husband’s friend. He told me that his Wife liked him a lot. They like to play Strip poker and then when hubby loses, his wife gets to play with the friend. She loves to make her hubby suck cock!

Edith is a Fluffer for his wife. She cums really hard on her real man boyfriend’s big cock. Then Edith has to eat a cream pie out of his wife’s pussy. Edith wears a skirted thong in pink. Pink thong, with 3″ skirt that barely covers her penis and it is see thru.. We do some
humiliation phone sex, and I fuck her and make her suck cocks. and make her cum and eat it up..

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Ms. Vanessa had a super hot call last night with a guy with a little dick. He was definitely a little dick loser, I do enjoy cuckold phone sex calls, and this sure was one. This guy was sweet, he said he was trying to get his wife pregnant and she was out getting some cock whenever she could. Mostly she would bring them home, but sometimes he could taste her pussy, and knew she was with a guy.

She loves black cock, like I do, she does the black cock worship thing, and loves big black superior cock. He said that she makes her little dick husband wear a condom, but usually she forgets when she sees good big dick.

He wanted to fuck her after she was fucked good. I did an outstanding role play, where I was the little wifey and had that big dick in me, and asked my husband to put his little dick in my ass, while the big dick in my pussy shot a load. My poor loser husband could feel the cum drip out.

I really enjoyed this call, for one of these for yourself.
Call me!
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EST time, here all weekend to talk dirty about big black dick, little dicks, humiliation phone sex, and cuckolding!

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I like to have my little dick loser boyfriend joey wear panties, and listen to me do an intelligent cuckold phone sex call, that makes me laugh seeing how he is becoming even more submissive,  if that is possible.    He is very successful and makes a ton of money and likes to spend it all on me.   He would like to make love to me and talk about other men, whispering it all in my ear, trying to make his tiny cock hard.     He is not really that small,    he does have  a 7 1/2″ cock, and loves to fuck me for hours,   but he would tell he me that he wanted to see me with other men.   I did not get it really. But after a while, I started to like the idea.   What if I did find someone hot?   Did that mean, I could do whatever I wanted?Apparently that was the case..

If you call me for a cuckold phone sex call, I can tell you about how I started to love the idea of being with a new guy, with possibly a giant dick.  So,  on our vacation I met a guy I liked,  he had a nice smile and really liked me.    Bingo… I took all the things  my boyfriend kept whispering in my ear,  up on his idea.   We went out dancing all three of us, it was fun.    I started to kiss and play with Tim in front of my pathetic  boyfriend,  I could see it was turning him on.. did he really want some cuckold fun? I know he had called phone sex girls for cuckold phone sex before.

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JJ has a little dick, and he likes to call me for cuckold humiliation fantasy phone sex.  I enjoy taunting and teasing him, as he is a pathetic loser.  He often tells me that only I can make his dicklette hard.  I think however, when he sees a bbc he gets hard automatically, he likes to suck big dicks, maybe he is gay.  He also knows that his slutty wife will not have sex with him any longer, as she desires big cock.  I had her gang banged last night by a bunch of big rough guys with enormous cocks.  I tied jj in the corner, and held him down, while she fucked and sucked all night long.  She was begging one guy to give her another baby.  None of jj’s kids are his.

His wife is a big cock whore, and she cuckold’s jj.  At first it was a fantasy for him, but now cuckold fantasy phone sex is as close to fantasy as it gets, because he has the real deal. She can not get enough cock, she will feed him a load of cream pie today / tonight, that will make him gag.  She has dozens of loads of cum in her pussy.

He is a humiliation phone sex junkie with a small penis.  I laugh at him, and he crawls back for more.

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Jessi is number one gurl and cock sucker

I enjoy cuckolding, humiliation and of course sissy cock suckers during my cuckold phone sex sessions.. Jessi is my number one cock sucker.. Jessi has been out on the town serving her Mistress Vanessa.  She writes..”

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Hi Mistress, here is my latest report…

A rather nice looking guy showed up with a beard. I greeted him in my femme voice and stroked his crotch. Then led him into my bedroom. He stripped down, I kissed one of his nipples and then got on my knees, and took his delicious 5″ cock into my mouth. He immediately said “Oh man, YOU SUCK DICK…” I just groaned with pleasure. He laid back on my bed and I crouched over him and took him into my mouth and deep throated him, without gagging. He liked it, of course, and stroked my hair, and pushed my head down, to take him in nice and deep. Then after I sucked him for a while, he stroked his cock and asked me to lick his shaft and balls. At one point I said; “I do this for my Mistress, and took his cock into my mouth. You were on my mind the whole time, I was thinking “I do this for my Mistress, I do this for my Mistress…” over and over.
Eventually he came and I lapped up his cummm, YUMMM!
I love serving you, M’am, and being your no. 1 gurl. If you ever have any clients in my general area, send them my way.
Your willing slutt… jessi
I own and control jessi
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